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Celebrate 2A Day all this week - Get $25 off a $250+ order w/ code 2ADAY

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From The Vault: Hank Williams Jr's S&W Model 629 Prototype

Author Keith Ford
2 years ago

Even if we tried, we couldn't keep Brownells Gun Techs™ - and resident firearm historians - Keith and Steve away from Rock Island Auction Company, where they found a piece of Smith & Wesson history AND country music history rolled into one wheelgun. It's a prototype Smith & Wesson Model 629 .44 Magnum revolver, one of only 150 made, that was presented to Hank Williams Jr. by the company on his 40th birthday. The Model 629 is basically a stainless steel version of the Model 29, developed as a competitive response to a big-bore stainless steel double action revolver Ruger® had in the works, the Redhawk®. The barrel is pinned, the chambers are recessed so the rears of the cartridges sit flush with the rear face of the cylinder, it has target sights (red insert up front), and beautifully figured wraparound grips.... About as nice a Model 629 as you can get! There's a backstory involving the .44 Magnum, Hank Williams Jr, and his song "I've Got Rights" - sit back while Uncle Keith tells it. "I went down to the Mary Carter Paint Store. / Give me one of them Smith & Wesson Magnum 44s." We'll save you the time searching for the song. Here's the link.