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From The Vault: Marlin Model 60

Author Caleb Savant
2 years ago

Relax, you didn't lose count of the days. Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant is here, but it's not Smyth Buster Tuesday or Quick Tip Wednesday. It's FTV Friday, and he's here to show us around the Marlin Model 60 semi-auto, .22 LR, tubular magazine fed rifle. Introduced in 1960 (of course!), the Model 60 is an update on Marlin's Model 99, with different scope mounting provisions and a stock made of birch vs the Model 99's walnut. Over the years, Marlin made some changes, including upgrades to the feed throat / ejector assembly. The bolt catch added to the triggerguard has led to some unnecessary visits to the gunsmith.... Caleb explains - and offers a word of caution about the magazine tube. The Model 60 has come with a lot of front sight options, though a simple rear leaf sight with elevator is standard. In recent years, a synthetic stock also has been an option. The Model 60 is popular with south Louisiana sugarcane farmers. You'll be surprised at one task they use it for! How many folks reading this grew up with a Model 60? Feel free to reminisce in the comments below.