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Celebrate 85 Years With 15% Off All Brownells Products - SHOP NOW

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Introducing FM Products (aka Foxtrot Mike)

Author Paul Noonan
one year ago
Special Guest Paul Noonan from FM Products joins Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant to share some of the backstory on Paul's company, which you might know better by the name Foxtrot Mike. Before starting FM, Paul designed firearms for other companies for many years. You've probably seen, shot, or even own some of his designs, even if you didn't know he and FM Products were behind them. Paul launched FM with a blowback-operated AR-15 type PCC (pistol caliber carbine) chambered in 9mm Luger. The first company to pick up the FM-9? Brownells! Credit our own Paul, new product team leader Paul Levy, with recognizing the FM-9's potential and deciding to pick it up. The early partnership with Brownells certainly helped FM Products carve out its niche in the market for "AR 2.0" upgrades and enhancement of the AR-15 platform that really work.
In fact, Paul is also the engineering mind behind our Brownells BRN-180 upper receiver series developed in conjunction with Primary Weapon Systems. Working with Brownells also led to the "Zhukov" folding-stock version of FM's Mike-15 Gen II rifle. (Sorry, that one's no longer available.)
The latest development from Boise (where FM is based) is the Mike-102 rifle, which may be the answer to the age-old "AR vs AK - Which is better?" debate. The Mike-102 is chambered in 5.56 but has an AK-type magazine well and uses AK-type mags. Of all the guns he's developed, Paul finds the 102 to be the funnest one to shoot. Caleb take is that the Mike-102 is more than just a gun, it's a whole vibe. Stay tuned to this channel for more about the Mike-102 and other Foxtrot Mike products!