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Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Group of Genuine WWII M1 Carbine Magazines Still in the Wrapping!

World War II-era surplus is drying up quickly, but every once in a while, a small stash of something appears! This time, we've gotten our hands on genuine, U.S. military surplus M1 Carbine magazines made during World War II!

These all-steel, 15-round M1 Carbine magazines were produced during the war by Union Hardware Company, and they were repackaged in wax-paper wrap and put into storage in Europe during the 1950s. The packaging preserved these magazines well, so they're great functioning items for your M1 Carbine, and they make great collector's items, too!

This kind of military-surplus stash is getting harder and harder to find, so if you're interested in having genuine, WWII-era M1 Carbine magazines for your gun or your militaria collection, act now, because this is a one-time deal!


Filtered Matches

No longer deliverable by the Factory

Cartridge: 30 Carbine

Capacity: 15-Round

Quantity: 1

Finish: Black

Material: Steel