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Clamps A Spare Mag To The One In The Gun For Ultra-Fast Mag Changes

Lightweight, minimal-profile coupling system securely clamps two tactical rifle magazines together so the backup mag is right next to the one in the gun for exceptionally fast mag changes under stress. Universal design works with mags for a variety of .223/5.56mm and 7.62 x 39 weapons, including AR-15/M16, AK-47, Galil, H&K 93, Ruger® Mini 14®, and SIG 556. Durable, reinforced molded polymer clamps resist the rigors of tactical operations, including heat, cold, and impact, while steel bolts provide tensioning force for secure, non-slip, rattle-free grasp of the mag body. Smooth surface and rounded edges prevent snagging on BDUs, sling, foliage, or other gear. Installs in seconds with a standard slot-head screwdriver; no permanent alterations to magazines. Sold in 2-Paks. For an ultra-secure installation, use both couplers on one pair of mags; for less strenuous operations, one clamp may be used.

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:171
SPECS: Reinforced molded polymer composite, black, steel bolts. Fits USGI-style metal AR-15/M16 magazines, AK-47/AKM, Galil 7.62x39 and 5.54x39, H&K 33/53/93, Ruger Mini 14, and SIG 540/543/550/551/552/553/556. Sold in 2 paks.


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Color: Black