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Won't Tilt; Feeds Rounds Smoothly; Helps Prevent Magazine-Related Failures

Drop-in replacement follower for USGI 30-round magazines won’t tilt, so it helps prevent jams, misfeeds, and other magazine-related failures. Rectangular extensions at the front and rear prevent tilt of the round stack to eliminate jams caused by over-compression and binding of the spring. Self-lubricating polymer composition helps ensure smooth movement for easier loading and ultra-smooth feeding. Extended bolt catch makes sure bolt locks open after the last round is fired. A spring stabilizer molded into the underside keeps spring force centered no matter how many rounds are in the mag, rounded edges on the extensions for even slicker movement in the mag body, and more streamlined ramp geometry for easier travel of the round from the magazine into the chamber.

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SPECS: Molded polymer, Yellow. Fits standard 30-round magazine. Instructions included. Sold in 3-paks.


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