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The Missing Link - a Whole Lot of Them - FOUND for Your SAW

These are new, unfired M27 links for assembling cartridge belts of 5.56x45mm NATO ammo for use in the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, commonly called the "SAW". Standard U.S. military issue for the M249 SAW, M27 links can also be used in the FN Minimi light machine gun. M27 links and cartridges can be assembled into split-link disintegrating cartridge belts to whatever length you need (until you run out of ammo).

  • New, unfired, manufactured by Federal Cartridge Company
  • Stamped steel, black finish
  • Sold in a case of 8,700 individual links

Federal M27 links are constructed of stamped steel with a matte black anti-corrosion finish (we’re thinking it’s Parkerized). Caution: Purchaser is responsible for complying with state and local laws before assembling M27 links and ammunition into belts.


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Color: Black