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Uploaded Documents

There are a couple places on the site where documents can be uploaded to help speed up processes of creating an account and placing an order. 

When creating an account, depending on what selections you make, you maybe required to upload documents to place on file with Brownells for various reasons. There is ability to load these documents at a later time, but please note, when creating an account, this could delay your account capabilities until the documents are approved. 

When checking out, some product require specific documents be on file or reviewed because of the State you live in or the nature of the product. You will be asked to upload these documents after placing your order. Do note, not having these documents as needed and reviewed, it could delay your order. The confirmation page does give the option to upload these documents later. 

If documents are not uploaded during either of these sessions, an email reminder will be sent out to the customer. Once received and reviewed, your account can be approved or your order released.