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Shipping Restrictions

One-Rate Shipping

A small handful of our products have been considered hazardous materials by the U.S. Government. This makes the delivery of such items challenging and little confusing at times; some shippers will ship one thing, while another won't, etc.

To help you understand, we have addressed some of the more common shipping restriction issues.

  • USPS will not deliver Bluing Salts or Oxynate #84™ - they must be sent Ground.
  • USPS restricts shipment of all Limited Quantity (LQ) and all hazardous materials. Examples include: Amer-Lene, Bluing Salts, Cold Blues (32 oz. or larger), Hydrochloric Acid, Paint Remover, Parkerizing (gallons), and a few more.
  • Limited Quantity and hazardous materials will only travel FedEx and require an additional hazardous fee.
  • Hazardous ships Ground with an additional Hazardous fee of $25.00 and requires a signature on delivery.

Note: Hazardous materials and Limited Quantity products can only be sent ground (they can never go 2 Business Days or 1 Business Day Plans, because these services involve air-delivery). However, let's say you were ordering Bluing Salts and a scope. Our shippers will automatically split your order into two: One consisting of the restricted shipping item and another consisting of the regular item. Unfortunately this generates two sets of shipping charges. If the regular item is urgent, you may have it delivered 2 Business Days or 1 Business Day, while the Bluing Salts will remain ground. We realize this is confusing and expensive. Below are illustrated scenarios.



(hazardous fee)
(1 Business Day shipping for scope)



(hazardous fee)
(2 Business Days shipping for scope)



(hazardous fee)
(One-Rate shipping for scope)