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$0 Hazmat Fee On All Powder & Primer Orders - Stock Up Now!

$0 Hazmat Fee On All Powder & Primer Orders - Stock Up Now!


AR308 Upper Receiver

Schematic ID #102

Download the Aero Precision AR308 Upper Receiver Schematic when DIYing improvements, customizing, cleaning, or repairing your AR308 Upper Receiver.  (See all gun schematics)

Leader Lines Forward Assist Assembly 3a Ejection Port Cover Assembly 2a Handguard Assembly 1a Upper Receiver 1 Barrel 2 Barrel Nut 3 Hand Guard 4 Flash Hider 5 Crush Washer 6 Gas Block 7 Gas Tube Pin 8 Gas Tube 9 Charging Handle 10 Ejection Port Spring 11 Ejection Port Cover 12 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin 13 Ejection Port Cover Hinge Pin Snap Ring 14 Forward Assist 15 Forward Assist Spring 16 Forward Assist-pin 17
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