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Celebrate 2A Day all this week - Get $25 off a $250+ order w/ code 2ADAY

Celebrate 2A Day all this week - Get $25 off a $250+ order w/ code 2ADAY


Gun Guru

Brownells Gun Guru Logo

Like you, our Gun Guru™ Product Experts live the 2A lifestyle.

A Brownells Gun Guru™ is somebody who loves guns and the shooting sports as much as you do. Some are Brownells Gun Techs™, others are competition shooters, retired law enforcement and military veterans with a ton of product knowledge

Each Gun Guru™ is here to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions on products that are right for you. We want to give you a traditional bricks-and-mortar store experience that's missing from the impersonal e-commerce world.

Gun Gurus are available to chat 7 days a week:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(all times are Central)

Connecting is easy.

Meet some of our Gun Guru™ Product Experts

Caleb, Gun Guru/Gun Techs

CalebGunTech at Brownells

I’m a decorated combat veteran and former combat engineer. I have been a gunsmith since 2010 and I am knowledgeable in both historical and modern military firearms, obsolete sporting firearms, tactical accessories and gear. I also enjoy many outdoor activities with my family and teaching the shooting/outdoor community.

Perry, Gun Guru/Gun Techs

PerryGunTech at Brownells

I am a prior law enforcement officer and mixed martial arts instructor. I also hold a Gunsmithing Technology degree from Montgomery Community College. I enjoy building and shooting pistol caliber ARs, fabricating and customizing firearms, and custom paint work.

Dean, Gun Guru/Gun Techs

DeanGunTech at Brownells

I have been a Brownells GunTech since 2001. In my role I instruct classes for Brownells at various gunsmithing schools on the AR15 platform and alternate finishes. I am very familiar with hot salts bluing and have a wide knowledge of various revolvers, pistols and many Brownells branded products.

John, Gun Guru


I most enjoy sharing my love of firearms with my kids. I'm knowledgeable on the AR platform, modern semi-auto pistols, reloading, and historical military arms. I also have a soft spot for WWII arms and have grown to be a serious collector of historical military ammunition.

Tessa, Gun Guru


I’ve had an interest in firearm's most of my life, growing up at the range or hunting with my Dad in Texas. I have a passion for skeet shooting and enjoy rifle/pistol target shooting with my family.