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Speeds Up the Process & Eliminates Sore Thumbs

While magazine loaders are an important part of any dedicated firearm enthusiast's range bag, having a product like the Maglula 10/22 Universal Magazine UnLoader can truly complete your range kit.

Whether you have full magazines that you need to empty for transport at the end of a range or hunting trip or topped-off mags at home that need to be emptied for cleaning, this unloading tool makes quick work of it, eliminating the sore thumbs that come from repetitive unloading. The tool is made from reinforced polymer and fits into any pocket.

  • Super-fast unloading
  • Eliminates thumb pain and injury
  • Eliminates wear on feed lips
  • Lightweight and fit in pocket
  • Durable reinforced polymer

The unloader is designed to work with every kind of 10/22 magazine on the market. One word of caution from Maglula is that the unloader may have trouble unloading flat-tip rounds.


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Caliber: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

Style: Unloader