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A Unique Upper Receiver Chambered in the .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Designed for use by varmint and predator hunters, the Franklin Armory F17-SPR upper receiver transforms any standard AR-15 into a completely different animal. This is thanks to the unique chambering of this upper receiver: .17 Winchester Super Magnum. This rimfire round is great for hunting, but its construction requires some special design and construction, which is found in this purpose-built upper receiver.

Each Franklin Armory F17 upper receiver is built with a gas-piston operating system designed with the help of Osprey Defense, which is paired with a 4140 chrome-moly barrel complete with a salt-bath nitrided bore, chamber and external finish. This upper receiver is outfitted with an 18-inch, medium-contour barrel, which is finished with a threaded muzzle and flash hider. This design strikes a perfect balance between a bull barrel and a lightweight carbine barrel, allowing hunters and shooters to get the best of both worlds.

Other features found on the Franklin Armory F17 upper receiver include a forged A4-style upper made from 7075-T6 aluminum and treated with a black-anodized finish. The gun comes with a full Picatinny optics rail, as well as a forward assist that allows shooters to ensure their gun gets into battery. This upper receiver ships with the Franklin Armory F17 carbine buffer, which will function in either commercial or mil-spec buffer tubes. This system is not designed to work with A2-style buffers and springs. The company also warns that some aftermarket triggers may not provide the strength necessary for reliable ignition.


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Cartridge: 17 Winchester Super Mag

Finish: Black

Style: Complete

Length: 18"

Muzzle: 1/2-28

Twist: 1-9