Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Set of Retro AR-15 Receivers at a Price You Won't Believe

Interested in building a retro AR-15 but just don't have the cash? Well, due to our painstaking, nit-picking attention to quality and finish, we've ended up with quite a few XM16E1 receiver sets that we don't think are quite perfect. Because of that, these blemished receiver sets are an opportunity for you to build your own XM16E1 clone!

What does "blemished" mean? Well, these receiver sets are still high-quality options for your retro AR build, and the metal quality and specs are still up to standard. However, the finish isn't exactly what we wanted, so you'll see some variation. Finish colors on these receivers run the gamut from shiny green to a dull gray, and each receiver half might be slightly different.

So, what do you get? This Brownells Blemished XM16E1 receiver set is still a solid Nodak Spud forging that's been machined to final specifications by Aero Precision. It's completely stripped, marked 5.56 NATO and constructed to the same contours and specs as the original XM16E1 receivers used by the U.S. Army in the early 1960s. If you aren't picky about the finish color on your receiver, this is a great opportunity for you to pick up a retro set at an unbelievable price.


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