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An Action-Enhancement Kit Designed for Your LAW-Equipped Carbine

CMMG's Action Tuning Kits have been popular options for AR-15 owners looking to boost the reliability and shooting experience of their carbines, and now there's a dedicated Action Tuning Kit designed for use on LAW Tactical Folding Adapter-equipped AR-15s.

Each CMMG Action Tuning Kit comes with several weights that are designed to enhance the reliability and smooth operation of an AR-15 action, and the LAW Tactical Folding Adapter Tuning Kit features shortened weights that are compatible with the adapter unit. These weights work much the same way as changing out buffers or adjusting the gas-port settings, and you can use them as an additional variable to fine-tune your gun's operation.

This CMMG Inc LAW Compatible Action Tuning Kit includes a small, medium and large weight, as well as three .250- and .625-inch roll pins needed for installation.

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