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Allow Easy Interchangeability Of Flash Hider & Compensator

Threaded gas lock allows fast interchangeability of the included Vortex flash hider and Compensator so weapon meets changing mission requirements. Vortex flash hider features four, specially angled flutes to reduce muzzle flash and preserve night vision, even during full-auto fire. Dissipates gas and retains unburned powder for increased residual burn. Compensator controls muzzle flip and felt recoil for improved accuracy and fast follow-up shots. Special internal blast chamber with side-facing ports deliver superior gas dispersion to help stabilize the muzzle during periods of sustained fire. Flash hider and compensator are precision machined from 8620 bar stock, then heat-treated to provide a high-strength core and tough outer shell. Gas lock is made from 1144 Stressproof® steel to survive heavy recoil. Height of the gas lock dovetail deck allows the use of standard issue USGI front sights or the Smith Enterprise Match or Close Combat Tritium front sights. Kit installation requires no permanent alterations to rifle.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:169

SPECS: Parkerized, black, matte finish. Gas Lock - 1144 Stressproof® steel. 15⁄16" (3.3cm) long, 13⁄16" (2.1cm) wide, 1-13⁄16" (4.6cm) high. 5.6 oz (158 g) wt. 5⁄8"-24 tpi O.D. threads. Vortex & Compensator - 8620 steel. 3¾” (9.5cm) long x .900” (23mm) dia. 5.6 oz (158 g) wt. 5/8"-24 tpi I.D. threads. Fits M14 and M1A. Gas lock wrench recommended for installation.


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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)

Finish: Parkerized

Material: Steel

Threads: 5/8-24