Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Our Sinclair Custom Press is designed for bump-sizing benchrest cartridge shoulders in the field and in the reloading room. The features on this press are the result of input from dozens of benchrest shooters who use small, portable presses like these.

Details like the 10-degree press tilt, the covered linkage, and the primer exit point make this press stand out from all others.


- Machined and contoured from a solid billet of aluminum.

- A soft radius has been applied to all edges to eliminate sharp corners.

- Primers exit through the bottom of the ram, keeping primer debris away from the linkages.

- Throat opening of 2.5 inch will accept up to 308 case lengths for sizing (PPC's, BR's, 30x47, 308, etc.).

- Heavy-duty linkage has no exposed clips, nuts, or bolts.

- 10-degree press tilt for easy case insertion.

- Optional mounting plate for quick takedown and compact storage.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:058