Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Measuring tools, especially well made tools, are expensive. This is an area of purchasing where we recommend that you examine your individual needs carefully to determine what tools you will need. The number one tool that no handloader should be without is a good set of dial calipers. Save money elsewhere, buy a decent pair of stainless steel 6"" calipers. Micrometers can also be useful tool when you need to measure in .0001"" increments. Standard one-inch micrometers are used for accurately measuring outside diameters. For example, case neck diameters, body diameters, mandrel sizes, etc. Ball micrometers are mainly used for measuring case neck wall thickness, for sorting brass by thickness, or for use when setting up neck turning tools for fitting cases to a tight neck chamber. We carry three different Mitutoyo micrometers, which we feel are excellent micrometers at an affordable price. These micrometers all come with a hard protective case. Mitutoyo 1 inch electronic micrometer is excellent for those making a lot of measurements or for those not used to reading the scales on a mechanical micrometer. This .0001 inch micrometer features a high visibility LED output. English and metric readings are available by touching a button. The spindle can be locked in place after use so you don't lose your measurement. Features include a carbide-faced anvil and spindle. this micrometer can be used for measuring case head expansion, mandrel sizes, flat material sizes, etc.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:033


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