Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Give Your 1911 Auto That High Tech Look

Beautifully machined with the correctly proportioned head and hole size, contoured to fit flush in any 1911 grip and look great. No more buggered screw heads.

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1911, Issue:02, Page:006
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1911, Issue:06, Page:039
1911, Issue:07, Page:038
1911, Issue:08, Page:038
1911, Issue:09, Page:006
1911, Issue:09, Page:041
1911, Issue:10, Page:043
1911, Issue:11, Page:041
Big Book Catalog, Issue:49, Page:044
Big Book Catalog, Issue:50, Page:049
Big Book Catalog, Issue:51, Page:053
Big Book Catalog, Issue:52, Page:049
Big Book Catalog, Issue:53, Page:110
Big Book Catalog, Issue:54, Page:110
Big Book Catalog, Issue:55, Page:110
Big Book Catalog, Issue:56, Page:117
Big Book Catalog, Issue:57, Page:133
Big Book Catalog, Issue:58, Page:135
Big Book Catalog, Issue:59, Page:135
Big Book Catalog, Issu
SPECS: Heat-treated steel, .150"-50 x .250". Available in blued (BLU) or stainless steel (S/S). Package of 4 includes 3/32" Allen wrench.


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