Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Things to Check Before You Pack Up For The Pro Am 3-Gun Presented By Brownells, Sinclair, and Hornady

1) Use a chamber gauge (Wilson® and EGW are great) to make sure every round you take will fit a standard chamber, without having to run live ammo through your gun.

2) Weigh every reloaded round. It’s a good way to make sure there isn’t one with no powder. If a squib leaves a bullet in the barrel, USPSA rules don’t allow you to reshoot the stage, your score will be horrible. Other rules may or may not allow it. Better to avoid the problem completely.

3) If you’ve cleaned and lubed your guns, take them out and shoot a magazine through each to make sure they run properly. Especially if you’ve changed anything, like your lube or procedures. Don’t ask how we know this.