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Roll-Around Compact Bluing System from Brownells® Unhooks Gunsmiths From The Gas Pipe Leash

Brownells® has introduced a new Roll-Around Compact Bluing System. It lets the pistolsmith, knifemaker and small parts fabricator choose the most convenient place to perform bluing, indoors or out.

Since the late-1930s, Brownells has been helping its gun shop customers hot blue guns, and this latest innovation will satisfy the needs of shops that need a versatile bluing system that does not require them to set up a dedicated bluing room. Mounted on a heavy-duty rolling cart, the Roll-Around Compact Bluing System comes complete with the tanks, burners and necessary chemicals to perform bluing operations. Brownells also includes comprehensive bluing instructions that guide users through the bluing process step-by-step. The only other equipment a gunsmith needs is a standard gas grill propane tank, a garden hose for the flowing water rinse, and a floor drain or runoff area.

The welded steel cart moves easily on heavy-duty locking caster wheels, and carries three, 20”x6”x6” mild steel tanks. The bottom shelf features an opening to neatly hold the propane tank, along with extra room to store supplies, or the fourth tank for water-displacing oil – safely away from the heat source. Braided stainless steel flex lines run to a “Y,” then to a single line, which provides easy one-connection hook-up to the propane tank.

Designed by the Brownells staff of working gunsmiths, the Roll-Around Compact Bluing System is the perfect way for gun shops to give customers the traditional, deep blue/black color that can only be achieved with hot salts bluing.

Like everything Brownells sells, the system is backed by the company’s 100 percent satisfaction money-back guarantee, as well as the industry’s largest full-time technical services staff, which is available to help ensure the success of all types of gun projects.

Each customer purchasing the Roll-Around Compact Bluing System will also receive a free copy of the new Brownells Catalog #56. The catalog packs more than 29,000 factory gun parts, tools, accessories and more to make gunsmithing work easier and more profitable, and normally sells for $5.00.

To learn more, or to order the Roll-Around Compact Bluing System, call Brownells toll-free at (800) 741-0015, Dept. #PAM, or visit

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of factory gun parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and firearms accessories. Since 1939, Brownells has been serving gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts with the products they need to preserve, repair and accessorize their firearms. Today, Brownells stocks more than 29,000 items, and the company’s catalog, now available in print and online versions, is widely regarded as being the most comprehensive available. For more information, call (800) 741-0015, Dept. #PAM, or visit

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