Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Report From DPMS

By Bob Brownell

Great weather, a challenging course, and some competitive shooting welcomed 194 participants from around the country as Brownells was proud to sponsor the 4th annual DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge held August 18 – 20 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to Brownells Vice President Pete Brownell, “We were extremely proud to sponsor the Tri-Gun Challenge again this year. Randy Luth and his team do a great job with the match and have really turned it into the premier Tri-Gun matches in the country. More importantly, they’re actively involved in the firearms industry and we’re proud to be involved with their efforts.” Sponsoring the Tri-Gun Challenge is something Brownells has done every year since the first Challenge held in 2003. “Events like this encourage new shooters and younger people just getting interested in the sport to get out, compete and have fun,” stated Brownell. “The best thing is, anyone with a desire to shoot, compete, and have a great time doing it can come here and do it all.”

Shooters competed in four classes; Open, Tactical Optics, Tactical Iron, and Heavy Metal, with an additional Team class.

Jason Carrico, Head of Purchasing at Brownells commented, “We saw a lot of people using Benelli’s , Winchester’s, and Remington 1100’s in the shotgun stages, while a large majority of the rifles were AR-10’s. In fact, the winner of the Heavy Metal Division used an M1A. As for pistols, I was actually surprised to see the number of Glocks that were there.”

Carrico went on to add, “The RO’s for the event were absolutely fantastic and went out of their way to help everyone involved. They did a great job. The entire weekend was fun, the weather was perfect, the different stages were interesting and fun to shoot, and it was very relaxing. I had a fabulous time and it seemed like everyone there did as well.”

As part of our commitment to the shooting sports, Brownells will be sponsoring the 2007 Tri-Gun Challenge next year. Check back with us regularly or contact DPMS for details once they become available and plan on taking part next summer.

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