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Quick Tip: CZ Scorpion EVO Micro vs HK MP5

Brownells Gun Tech™ Keith Ford tells us about two of his favorite guns, the Heckler & Koch MP5K and the CZ Scorpion Micro. As a bonus, he also shows us how to field strip them as he explains how each works. Both firearms started life as 9mm submachineguns and are now also available in the U.S. in semi-auto pistol form. H&K introduced the MP5K in 1976 as a shortened version of their successful MP5 subgun. It's constructed almost entirely of steel and has H&K's delayed roller lock system. (For the record, Keith's MP5K is in fact a Zenith Firearms Z5P clone made in Turkey using original H&K tooling.) The Ceská Zbrojovka Scorpion is a newer design; the Micro is its ultra-compact variant. The Scorpion Micro is much lighter than the MP5K due to the extensive use of polymer in its construction. It has a simple delayed blowback system, which requires a heavy bolt and stout recoil spring to keep the bolt locked up long enough for chamber pressure to decrease so the case can be safely ejected.

WARNING: Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble a firearm unless you are absolutely certain that it is empty and unloaded. Visually inspect the chamber, the magazine and firing mechanism to be absolutely certain that no ammunition remains in the firearm. Disassembly and reassembly should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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