Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

New Product Supplement Now Available for Brownells Catalog

Catalog Features New Toll-Free 800 Number

To keep its customers current on the latest additions to Brownells amazing inventory, the company has just released New Product Supplement #4 for the catalog, which includes information about 72 products that are brand new to Brownells inventory of more than 29,000 items. In addition, the 28 page supplement includes information about all products introduced to the line since Catalog #55 went to press in 2002.

At 444 pages, Catalog #55 for 2002-2003 has something for every firearm need. Every year, the Iowa-based, mail-order cataloger, redoes their famous wishbook for gunsmiths and firearms hobbyists. While roughly 3,000 new, individual items is indeed newsworthy, the biggest news is on the front cover – a brand new, 800 number!

The company Bob Brownell founded back in 1939 continues the traditions that built it into an industry leader; a huge selection of innovative, proven products combined with superb customer service. Their 100%, no-questions-asked, Satisfaction Guarantee is something every company, in any industry, should aspire to.

Back to the new catalog. With the largest, exclusive line of lifetime-guaranteed, high-quality, specialized tools and fixtures designed by gunsmiths, you can find things to help fix common guns, and some that aren’t so common. And, they have the industry-standards in many areas: Acraglas® bedding products; Oxpho Blue™ and 44/40® cold blues; Oxynate No. 7™ hot bluing; Color Case Hardening; Parkerizing; easy, aerosol spray-on-bake-on, Teflon/Moly finishes; polishing supplies; springs; stocks; checkering, engraving; finishing; genuine J-B® Bore Cleaning Compound -- over 29,000 items -- so much that a partial list is bound to miss something. The catalog alone is worth far more than the $5 price and you get that back when you place your first order. Plus, you get discount coupons for some great books. A super deal!

Cowboy-action continues to be the fastest-growing part of the shooting sports and Brownells keeps adding goodies for those shooters. Reshaped, re-engineered hammers, triggers and springs help reduce trigger pull; oversized pins eliminate slop, crescent ejector rod heads look old-timey, plus they’re easier to hit. Making Rugers look and feel like Colts has become popular, there are grip frames to help, plus a huge selection of grips: black and white pearl, faux ivory, imitation stag and fancy wood, too.

With 35 pages dedicated to semi-auto pistols alone, it’s obvious they are still as popular as ever, for concealed carry and “games” like IDPA and IPSC. Build your dream pistol with frames, slides, safeties, barrels, compensators, plunger tubes, magazines and more. Between Cowboy Action and the run-and-gun sports, you might think there’s no place for good, old, double-action revolver shooters. Not true; they can find bull barrels, barricade shrouds, thumb latches and, of course, tools galore.

The AR-15 can punch holes in 600-yard paper targets, blast through action shooting events, and take varmints or small game. Brownells has all the latest, greatest “fixes” for AR junkies. Barrels, gas blocks, free float tubes, improved triggers, compensators, plus mounts for all sorts of tactical gear are here. Heavy-duty scope bases and rings, huge objective, mil-dot scopes, synthetic stocks, specialized slings and new, pre-threaded barrels help you build tactical bolt action rifles based on the Remington 700.

Traditionalists who love fine, custom rifles can select a complete range of custom accessories to build their own, ultimate rifle. In calibers from .17 to .45 and contours that resemble pencil-thin whips, to full-diameter blanks, the selection of barrels is almost overwhelming. Some need to be lathe turned, fitted and chambered, or you can get pre-threaded and chambered versions for bolt actions, 10/22s, Garands, M14s and AR-15s.

Almost every gun owner has a shotgun. And, almost every one will shoot better if it’s personalized. Choose from a huge selection of recoil pads and recoil reducers, synthetic stocks, add-on vent ribs, replacement sight beads, rifle-style sights, and tactical accessories for law enforcement and defense use. A simple change of choke can make a huge difference in target hits and there’s an incredible variety of factory and aftermarket choke tubes. For the gunsmith, Brownells carries all sorts of specialized tools for shotgun work including the hones and reamers to change patterns and add screw-in chokes to older guns.

Sights are the key to accurate shooting and Brownells gives you a huge selection. From red dots and high-end, tactical rifle scopes, the latest ghost ring sights for handguns, right down to a simple shotgun bead, rifle front blade, or one of the new, light-gathering, fiber optic beads, there’s a sight to match most any shooting situation. If a scope is your choice, you’ll need rings to hold it and bases to fit your guns, and Brownells has the widest selection anywhere, even for some pretty oddball guns.

152 pages of factory parts help you keep a current-production gun running the way the factory intended. There are no fees for small orders, while the largest, full-time tech staff will gladly answer any questions and help you through your gun projects.

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories, gunsmithing tools and specialty equipment for professional and amateur gunsmiths. Since 1939, Brownells has provided gunsmiths, collectors and shooters with selection, service and satisfaction that are unmatched in the industry. Today, Brownells stocks more than 29,000 items to accessorize, repair, protect and preserve firearms. The company’s catalog, now available in print and online versions, is the largest and most comprehensive available in the gunsmithing field. For more information, call 800-741-0015, Dept. #955.

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