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Magpul Comms: Magpul Accessories For H&K MP5

Improving an Icon. After more than 40 years in service with militaries, police agencies, and security forces all over the world, the Heckler & Koch Maschinenpistole 5, universally known as the MP5®, is one of the most successful firearms of all time. In recent years, semi-auto pistol, HK94 carbine, and even SBR variants have become popular in the U.S. Despite its ruggedness and the solidity of its German engineering, the MP5's ergonomics could be improved. And that's exactly what Magpul did with their new line of MP5 upgrade components.

  • Magpul's components are all easy-to-install drop-on replacements.
  • Gives H&K's classic firearms 21st century upgrades WITHOUT altering iconic profile.
  • Makes the MP5 easier and more comfortable to shoot.

Has Magpul really been secretly working to improve this legendary firearm since the 1980s? Find out!

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Firearm Accessories

MPO Turrets Close-up

The SL Hand Guard is offered in two models, for the original MP5/HK94 and the compact MP5K/SP89 platform. Made of Magpul's extremely tough reinforced molded polymer, it provides the user with a more comfortable hold, with non-slip texturing and M-LOK® mounting slots for accessories. A large forward handstop, similar to the H&K "K" style handguard, keeps the hand properly positioned for excellent control. Shop Now

Magnification Lever Close-up

The ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit) gives the operator easier access to the selector, while allowing the user a variety of lever configurations. It can be operated quickly with the firing hand and can be set up for ambidextrous use. Fits both H&K factory polymer trigger housings and Magpul's SL Grip Module. Shop Now

MPO Components Glass Close-up

The SL Grip Module offers a grip angle optimized for better control, Magpul's anti-slip TSP texturing, and improved access to the fire controls - plus H&K "Navy-style" pictographs that gives an ultra-clear indication of the selector position. Accepts MIAD®/MOE® Grip Cores; Lube Bottle Core included. Fits MP5, HK94/93/91, and semi-shelf H&K clones.

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