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How Does It Work? Recoil Pad Template Set

By: Steve Ostrem

This one may appear to be a no-brainer, but the usefulness of this tool should not be overlooked. These steel templates duplicate the exact outline of the metal inserts of a Pachmayr recoil pad and show the location of the screw holes. The set covers all four sizes of inserts found in the Pachmayr pads: small, medium, large, and large magnum. By placing the correct template on the back of a buttstock, the gunsmith can clearly see where the screw holes will line up and exactly how much rubber material will be left between the insert and the outline of the stock. This eliminates any need for guesswork and allows the closest size pad to be chosen for each job. It also keeps you from grinding into the insert and ruining the pad.

Easy to see how things line up. Looks like
time for new screw holes.

In a shop that does a lot of recoil pad installations this can be quite a time saver. It can also help you to order the correct pad for that rush job that always seems to come in just before opening day. For the beginner, it removes the worry of selecting the wrong size pad for the job. The template clearly shows how far you can go before you hit metal and where the screw holes need to be relocated if necessary. The best part is, at $9.95, this set costs about half as much as the average Pachmayr pad. That means the first time one of these insert templates keeps you from ruining a pad it will have paid for itself twice over. I had a set of inserts in my shop that I used as guides with great success. Unfortunately, they had been taken from pads that I had messed up over the years and therefore probably cost me over $80.00 when all was said and done. The stock number for the set is 690-000-019 and includes drawings with the hole spacing and safe “grind-to” dimensions. This is one of those really useful tools that is dirt simple and doesn’t cost a whole bunch, and one you will find yourself reaching across the bench for again and again.

Set includes four templates and drawings.