Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

From the Vault: Winchester 458 Model 70 Magnum

Brownells Public Relations Specialist Roy Hill shows us his Winchester Model 70 Safari Express chambered in .458 Win Mag. Introduced in 1956 as a pure dangerous game stopper, the belted .458 Winchester Magnum packs a 500-grain soft-nose jacketed bullet zooming at about 2,200 fps. This bullet alone is bigger and heavier than a 9mm Luger pistol round. The first gun chambered in .458 Win Mag? The Winchester Model 70. Roy found this beauty at the Brownells Retail Store and gave back some of that month's salary to walk away with it. He keeps it at his desk, just in case he's called on to dispatch a pack of rogue elephants terrorizing Central Iowa (we all feel safer knowing he's prepared!). He gives us a tour of its features, including a pre-'64 controlled-feed bolt, Express open sights, and classic barrel-band sling swivel attachment. How does it shoot? The recoil is... authoritative. Roy shares some tips on how to shoot a "dangerous game magnum" Safari Express.

WARNING: Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble a firearm unless you are absolutely certain that it is empty and unloaded. Visually inspect the chamber, the magazine and firing mechanism to be absolutely certain that no ammunition remains in the firearm. Disassembly and reassembly should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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