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From the Vault: Ruger Bearcat Revolver

Brownells Gun Tech™ Steve Ostrem talks with gunsmith Bobby Tyler about three beautifully customized Ruger® Bearcat® revolvers from Bobby's shop, Tyler Gun Works of Friona, Texas. The Bearcat has actually been around since 1958, and it's a lightweight, smaller-framed version of Ruger's venerable Single Six® .22 Long Rifle single-action revolver. Unlike the Six, the 'Cat's grip frame and receiver are formed from a single piece of metal, which makes it a bit more challenging to customize. The Bearcat® makes a great carry or "kit" gun. Just don't plan on having it bored out to a larger centerfire caliber! Bobby has concluded the only "larger" caliber that's safe for a Bearcat® is .22 Magnum. Two of Bobby's guns form a matched set with consecutive serial numbers and matching grips cut from the same block of mammoth ivory.... plus a target muzzle crown, action job, color-case hammer and trigger, bead blasted finish, and more. A beautiful revolver deserves leather that can do it justice, like the custom holsters Barranti Leather Co. made for these guns. Finally, Bobby explains how he and his team solved the problem of the .22 LR ejector rod not being able to fully eject the longer .22 Magnum shells.

WARNING: Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble a firearm unless you are absolutely certain that it is empty and unloaded. Visually inspect the chamber, the magazine and firing mechanism to be absolutely certain that no ammunition remains in the firearm. Disassembly and reassembly should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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