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From the Vault: Colt Police Positive Revolver

Brownells Gun Tech™ and all-around reassuring presence Steve Ostrem shows us his Colt Police Positive. A beautiful little revolver introduced in 1907, the Police Positive is built on the Colt D frame, same as the Detective Special. Steve's gun is chambered in .38 Smith & Wesson - oops! Colt called the cartridge the ".38 Colt New Police" because who wants to give their arch-competitor free advertising? The Police Positive was much loved by professional constabulary and private citizens alike because it was well-made, light, compact, and easy to carry around all day. And thanks to the mild-recoiling cartridge, it is very comfortable to shoot, too. Note that the .38 S&W / Colt New Police is NOT a short .38 Special; it uses a unique .361" bullet vs the .38 Special's .357" bullet. (Later, Colt produced a "Police Positive Special" with a lengthened cylinder chambered in .38 Special. Bit more recoil on that!) What about the name? Steve explains what the "POSITIVE" means. For latter-day collectors, the Police Positive is a great deal. It tends to be under-valued because everybody wants a Python. If you get one, give it some love, and it'll love you back! Want more videos on a vast array of firearm topics?

WARNING: Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble a firearm unless you are absolutely certain that it is empty and unloaded. Visually inspect the chamber, the magazine and firing mechanism to be absolutely certain that no ammunition remains in the firearm. Disassembly and reassembly should follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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