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DPMS® Sees Record Number of Participants In Fourth Annual Tri-Gun Challenge

For the fourth consecutive year, Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club in St. Cloud, Minn., hosted one of the nation’s most prestigious tri-gun competitions, the DPMS® Tri-Gun Challenge, with Brownells® as the major sponsor.

The event drew many of the most recognizable names in shooting. However, Tony Holmes proved to be best of the best, winning the overall competition with a match total of 652.553.

Both DPMS and Brownells had groups participating in the team competition. Team DMPS 1 won the team competition with a time of 44.28 seconds. The Brownells team, including Tony Barnes, Marc D’aguanno, Jason Corpus, Jason Carrico and Matt Buckingham. finished eighteenth overall.

“Brownells has been an avid supporter of the DPMS Tri-Gun Challenges, and will continue to support the event for years to come,” said Pete Brownell, vice president of Brownells. “The Tri-Gun Challenge has grown exponentially over the years, and we look forward to partnering with DPMS for the 2007 event.”

“The number of participants continues to grow since beginning the Tri-Gun Challenge in 2003,” said DPMS president Randy Luth. “We’ve already begun making preparations for next year’s competition. With each year being more successful than the one before, we’re excited for the 2007 challenge.”

A complete results list from the 2006 DPMS Tri-Gun Challenge and information about the 2007 competition is available on the DPMS Web site at

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