Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Daily Defense #6: Choosing Your Home Defense Gun

Jeff addresses an important question: What firearm should I have for home defense? The answer depends on your circumstances. Who lives in the house? Just you? You and your spouse? You, spouse, and kids? Not all people can move around as quickly as necessary in an emergency. You may need to have one hand free to help them, so a handgun may be your best choice. What type of house is it? Single-level, multi-level, split-level? What's your own training and skill level with firearms? The more skilled you are, the broader your choice in firearms. Your choice of gun will tie into your home defense plan. And your home defense plan will change over time, as children get older, elderly parents move in, and other family circumstances change. As a result, your choice of home defense gun may change. Just be sure to tailor it to your specific situation.

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