Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Daily Defense #5: Why You Need a Home Defense Plan

In this video, Jeff turns to developing your home defense plan. This will include basic measures like closing windows, locking doors, lighting dark areas at night, AND being prepared for a disturbance: a knock on the door late at night, loud noises, breaking glass, loud voices you don't recognize. Come up with a plan of action for each situation. Who answers the door (not children)? Do you open the door? Talk through the door? Have a firearm close at hand? You'll also need a plan for communicating both with other family members and the 911 dispatcher. Jeff recommends having a code word for alerting the rest of the family of the threat. Then REHEARSE the action plan. It may seem awkward at first, but a dry run will help you find gaps and flaws in your plan - and be better prepared.

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