Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Daily Defense #15: How To Load a Pistol Magazine

In this video, Jeff explains the basic components of a semi-auto pistol magazine, how it functions, AND how to load it easily and quickly. Here's a handy rule of thumb as to which way the cartridges go in the magazine: like a cartridge, the back of the magazine is flat and the front is rounded. If you've loaded a pistol mag before, you know it can be hard on your thumbs. Jeff shows us the trick to sliding a round into the mag without fighting the feed lips. (Hint: the first round is the most difficult.) An inexpensive magazine loader helps you avoid sore thumbs and get those magazines loaded up fast so you spend most of your time at the range doing the fun part - shooting! Sometimes you also need to remove the ammo from the magazine. Jeff shows us his "PEZ Dispenser" method of unloading a mag. Finally, he answers a common question: Is it safe to store magazines fully loaded?

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