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Daily Defense #11: Is a Revolver a Good Carry Gun?

Revolvers have pretty much been replaced by semi-auto pistols in military, law enforcement, and many civilian personal defense circles. But a revolver can still provide excellent protection as your self-defense / every day carry gun. As with a semi-auto pistol, a revolver's size and caliber are intertwined. Jeff recommends a caliber no smaller than .38 Special or larger than .357 Magnum. A small .357 Magnum revolver is difficult to control. A bigger gun will be easier to shoot, but it'll weigh more and be harder to conceal. Some revolvers have an exposed hammer that can snag on clothing during the draw, while others designed for EDC have no exposed hammer. Small revolvers can be carried in a pocket, belt holster, or ankle holster. A large revolver is limited to a belt holster. Revolver ammo capacity IS lower than many pistols. Typically, you get 5 or 6 shots, though 7- and 8-shot revolvers do exist. You are not necessarily "undergunned," with a revolver - as long as you factor its limitations into your planning.

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