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Cleaning Shotgun Bore with J-B Bore Cleaning Compound

It is possible to clean lead, powder, primer and wad residue and restore the mirror brightness to the inside of shotgun barrels and chambers quickly and easily using J-B Bore Cleaning Compound and Kroil Penetrating Oil.

Start by dismounting the barrel(s) from the receiver. If the bore and chambers are very badly fouled, perform a preliminary cleaning with a suitable solvent, a bronze bore brush of the appropriate size and a few patches. Barrels that are only lightly fouled may forgo the preliminary cleaning.

Use a cleaning rod that is long enough to reach completely thru the barrels of the shotgun to the muzzle end. Wrap a clean cloth patch saturated with Kroil around the brush. Smear J-B Bore Cleaning Compound on the patch and insert through the chamber end of the barrel. The rod is powered with a hand held, low speed drill and the rod assembly is slowly moved through the barrel from the breech to the muzzle end slowly. DO NOT ALLOW THE CLEANING ROD TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE INTERIOR OF THE BORE OR CHAMBER AREA. If the cleaning rod bangs against the inside of the barrel, you are not centering the rod in the barrel, turning the rod at too high a speed or the rod is bent. DO NOT CONTINUE IF THE ROD IS BENT, AND SLOW DOWN IF GOING TOO FAST!

Pay particular attention to the chambers, forcing cone area and choke area of the barrels, and remove any buildup in these areas. Two or three applications may be necessary in some bores. Check frequently.

Clean up with clean patches pushed through the barrel (from breach to muzzle). Several patches will likely be necessary. In the case of O/U and SxS shotguns make sure no J-B is trapped under the extractors/ejectors and around the barrel locking areas or tennon areas. All traces of J-B should be removed. Preserve with a light coat of your favorite oil.