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Browning Hi-Power Adjustable Rear Sights

Brownells GunTech Tip

In 1971 Browning introduced a “sport” version of the Hi-Power which featured a windage and elevation adjustable rear sight. Since it’s inception the “sport” model has used three different styles of adjustable rear sights. Browning, in later parts lists, refers to these sights as: Type A, PO57341, Brownells #149-001-062; Type B, PO55536, Brownells #149-001-002; “Millet Type”, PO55547, Brownells #149-001-011.

The Type A is what is commonly referred to as the “BLR” style rear sight. This sight was the first of the adjustable rear sights used on the “sport”. This sight used many of the sight parts from the Browning BLR lever action rifle. The identifying feature of this sight is the that the sight blade is made from a round steel tube, windage adjustments are made by loosening and tightening opposing screws on each end of the blade tube, the sight body has a triangular shape. The width of the dovetail cut in the slide for this sight is a nominal .368 inch.

The Type B is the least common of the adjustable rear sights on the Hi-Power. This was second patten of sight used, for a short period of time between approximately 1982 - 83. The sight is distinguished by it’s compact boxy shape, similar to the rear sight on early Buckmark 22 pistols. This sight was made by an outside vendor, A.T.I. located in Utah, for Browning. Front to rear the sight has a overall length of .920 inch and a nominal dovetail width of .368 inch.

The “Millett” type, as the name implies, is the typical rear sight unit as manufactured by Millett. This sight replaced the Type B rear sight and is still standard equipment at the time this is written. The dovetail cut in the slide for the sight is nominal .375 inch.

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