Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells Training Group

Our Mission

The Brownells Training Group provides professional quality instruction for both the armed professional and the responsible citizen. Our instructional programs are based on combat proven concepts and techniques coupled with a strong emphasis on proven performance psychology and adult learning teaching methods. Our Instructors know what it takes to prevail in conflict, and preparing the student for success is our focus. Whatever the discipline, the Brownells Training Group has a staff of professional instructors with both real-world experience in the profession of arms and the proven ability to impart their knowledge to students. Our adjunct staff is drawn from the ranks of current and former law enforcement and military personnel with real world experience on the street, on tactical teams, in US Marine Corps and US Army Special Operations in the current theaters, and with a solid background in teaching.

Train at our Big Springs Firearms Complex in Searsboro, Iowa, or at your facility through Mobile Training.

The Brownells Training group provides scheduled and custom courses at our Big Springs Firearms Complex and Hosted or Custom training at your location through our Mobile Program. See our list of currently scheduled Big Springs Training or call/e-mail about custom courses at Big Springs or a custom or standard course at your location. From the Basics to advanced handgun employment, through force on force, shotgun, CQM carbine/rifle, 0-500 rifle, precision rifle, CQB tactics, and less lethal employment, on up to use of night vision devices and IR aiming lasers, suppressors, tactical graphics use, and aviation employment, we can exceed your instructional expectations.

Who can Train?

With the exception of contract or custom agency courses and a few restricted topics, all Brownells Training Group courses are now open to qualified citizens for enrollment. All applicants must present appropriate credentials. To make sure you qualify, check out the acceptable credentials here: Do I Qualify to take a BTG Course?

How to Apply

Check out our training schedule in the links below, and click on any course for a full description. Offerings are being added continuously. Or, browse our calendar for the dates that you have available. From there, click on the Registration Form and submit it to traininggroup@le-gov.com. If there is a discipline you are interested in that is not currently on the calendar, call or e-mail for custom or hosted training options. With just a few interested applicants, custom training can be an affordable and rewarding option. Contact us today for custom training at Big Springs or your facility of choice.

Contact Information:

Contact: Fonda or Brittany
Phone: 1-800-741-0308
Email: TrainingGroup@le-gov.com

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