Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells® Helps Shooters Stay Snag-free with New Ambi-Sling Adapter

Brownells® has expanded its selection for AR-15s with a product designed with shooters’ safety in mind, the low-profile ambi-sling adapter (stock #080-000-381).

The steel sling adapter features a unique slot/hole configuration that keeps the plate as slim and compact as possible. The compact design prevents the adapter from snagging on a shooter’s clothes or on brush in the field when carrying rifles with collapsible stocks.

“In addition to being a nuisance,” said Frank Brownell, company president, “snagging your rifle can also be a safety hazard. With an already broad stock of accessories and supplies for ARs, we’re dedicated to bringing our military and law enforcement customers the best possible products to keep them safe while they keep us safe. Additionally, the low-profile ambi-sling adapter not only gives shooters ease of use, but is also easy to install since it doesn’t require any gunsmithing. ”

Accepting both one and one-fourth inch wide webbing and single-point clip-on tactical slings, a sling can be transferred from either side of the rifle or replaced with an alternate sling in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the slim line design of the adapter provides plenty of clearance for forward assist as well as easy access for clearing jams.

“We are wholly confident that our customers will be completely satisfied with the new adapters,” Brownell said. “But, if they aren’t happy with their purchase for any reason, we will gladly give them a full refund.”

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of factory gun parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and firearms accessories. Since 1939, Brownells has been serving gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts with the products they need to repair, protect and accessorize their firearms. Today, the company stocks over 30,000 items, and its long-familiar horizontal-format catalog is well-known to shooters and gunsmiths worldwide as being uniquely Brownells. Products can be ordered by toll-free phone, fax or through the company’s Website. For more information, call (800) 741-0015, Dept. #PD4, or visit

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