Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Brownells® Broadens Support of Second Amendment With Knife Rights Membership

Understanding that supporting the Second Amendment means more than firearms, Brownells® has become the first Cornerstone Corporate Charter Member from the shooting industry to support Knife Rights.

Recently, there has been an increase in regulations restricting knife ownership, stated Doug Ritter, Knife Rights chairman. Lengths continue to decrease for what is considered to be a legally carried knife.

Additionally, anti-knife groups are pushing for registration to own pointed knives. Professionals, such as chefs and butchers, would be required to register while citizens would have a blunted tool, he added. Similar legislation currently exists in Europe.

"We get it -- we've seen what a very small minority can do to turn good, law-abiding citizens into felons with a change of one legislative word," said Pete Brownell, company vice president. "Silence is acceptance and we have chosen not to be silent about this. We need organizations watching over our rights and informing us when a train wreck is coming our way. Knife Rights does this for us."

Knife Rights is a grass roots organization dedicated to providing knife and edged tool owners an effective voice to influence public policy and to oppose efforts to restrict the right to own, use and carry knives and edged tools. For more information, visit

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