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Brownells® Adds Anti-Walk Trigger Housing Pin For Popular Shotgun Models

A new anti-walk trigger housing pin for competitive and tactical shotguns is now available from Brownells®, the world’s leading supplier of factory gun parts, gunsmithing tools and accessories.

To help ensure reliable trigger performance the new anti-walk pin is tapped at each end. Slotted truss-head screws lock the pin and housing solidly together. This eliminates the possibility of drift that can occur with press-fit factory pins when they yield to the stresses of repeated firing. With the anti-walk trigger housing pin installed, shooters will experience consistent, wobble-free trigger pull.

Backed by the company’s 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, the Brownells anti-walk trigger housing pins are available now for easy installation on a wide range of popular shotguns including:

Shotgun Model / Brownells Stock Number
  • Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87 / SKU #078-000-048
  • Mossberg 500, 590 / SKU #078-000-049
  • Winchester 1200, 1300, 1400 / SKU #078-000-050
  • Benelli Super 90 / SKU #078-000-051

Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of factory gun parts, gunsmithing tools, equipment and firearms accessories. Since 1939, Brownells has been serving gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts with the products they need to repair, protect and accessorize their firearms. Today, the company stocks more than 30,000 items, and its long-familiar horizontal-format catalog is known to shooters and gunsmiths worldwide as being uniquely Brownells. Products can be ordered by toll-free phone, fax or through the company’s Website. For more information, call 800-741-0015, Dept. PCL, or visit

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