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Brownells Purchases Lewis Lead Remover

Brownells has purchased the Lewis Lead Remover, keeping a popular product available to gunsmiths and shooters by making it a permanent fixture in the line of Brownells-produced gun-cleaning tools.

"As a long-time distributor of the Lewis Lead Remover, we know it is a great product — many of our customers tell us about its effectiveness and ease of use," said Pete Brownell, company vice president. "With this purchase, our customers can be sure that the Lewis Lead Remover will be available for years to come as one of the products manufactured and sold under the Brownells brand. As always, we’re constantly working to expand our selection of quality products to provide our customers with the best possible service and satisfaction."

The purchase was completed April 1, 2003. Brownell said the Lewis Lead Remover, introduced in 1954 by LEM Gun Specialties, has become the most widely used mechanical lead remover for pistols in gun shops nationwide. Because of its effectiveness, it has been endorsed by many of the nation’s top shooters as the single best way to clean lead buildup from the forcing cone, cylinder and barrel of revolvers, and the chamber and barrel of clip-fed pistols.

"The Lewis Lead Remover is an ideal addition to our branded products," Brownell said, "particularly because shooters often use it in conjunction with our J-B Bore Cleaning Compound to remove every last speck of residue from barrels. Together, the two products provide a highly effective way to restore accuracy and add service life."

The Lewis Lead Remover is sold in kit form, including a handle, cone and rubber tips, specially-woven brass patches and complete instructions. Kits available include 9mm, .357, .38, .41, .44 and .45 calibers.

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