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Brownells Exclusive CQB T-Dot EOTech Sight Gives Fast Acquisition of Short and Long Range Targets

The new Brownells CQB T-Dot Holographic Sight pairs EOTech’s EXPS2 battlesight with a custom-designed reticle to deliver fast aiming on targets closer than 10 yards and precise aiming for longer range targets.

"Our Training Group and product-development staff designed this unique, exclusive reticle for improved close-quarters engagement for Law Enforcement. Then our resident 3-gun competitors saw it and tried to make off with the prototype! With just a center dot, the CQB shooter has to aim high and hope he hits where he intended on those short range targets," said Brownells President & CEO Pete Brownell. "our lower, T-shaped reticle gives a fast aiming point that compensates for the sight/barrel offset common to AR-15s."

The basic design of the reticle will be familiar to EOTech users, with a 1-minute red dot centered in a 65-minute red circle and exterior reference marks at twelve, three, and nine o’clock.

In the exclusive Brownells T-Dot reticle, the bottom of the circle is cut out and a T-shaped post inserted at six o’clock. Removing part of the bottom of the circle provides an unobstructed view of the target. A second 1-minute dot is added below the center dot for engagements at extended ranges.

Like other EOTechs, the T-Dot’s main dot – the smallest in the industry – doesn’t obscure long-range targets. Also, the CQB T-Dot encourages two-eyes-open shooting, offering a full field of view and no obstructions or tunnel vision.

The Brownells/ EOTech T-Dot (#080-000-971) attaches directly to Mil-Std 1913 Rails with a quick-detach lever. It’s powered by a single 123 lithium battery, offering 600-hour battery life at the highest brightness setting. The sight weighs 11.2 ounces and is submersible to 10 feet. Brownells expects the T-Dot to be available in the first quarter of 2012.

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