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Bore Cleaning for the Deployed GI

For most of us, we get to shoot for fun. Whether it’s heading out to the range . . . in the field . . . or at a match of some sort, accuracy isn’t a life or death issue. But for those on the front lines – law enforcement or in the military – the accuracy of your weapon is critical. That’s where keeping your weapon clean can make the difference.

The Gunsmith Techs at Brownells have received many questions over the last year from servicemen and women and their families about ways they can keep their weapons clean an operational.

One of the problems our troops face is the limited availability of cleaning supplies, including the bore cleaners we take for granted. I hear this first hand from one of my sons, a Marine, currently deployed to Iraq.

Brownells carries several products that can be used effectively by the men and women serving overseas (and in the Middle East especially) to keep their weapons clean and in proper working condition. As you probably know, though, some of the standard cleaning products that can’t be shipped overseas or to APO/FPO addresses.

One of the best products we have available is our J-B® Non-Embedding Bore Cleaning Compound. This is great for cutting through the toughest bullet jacket and powder fouling. It can be used in combination with any number of cleaning solutions.

I’ve tried this process in an old Mauser barrel that was pretty badly jacket fouled, and it works really well. First, clean the bore with three or four patches dampened with the available cleaning solution (I hear from my son that their unit is using Break Free exclusively), running the patches through the bore eight to ten times each. Leave the bore wet with the cleaning solvent.

Next, wrap a cleaning patch diagonally around a brush, and rub a pea-sized amount of J-B® into its surface. Run the patch with J-B® through the bore about fifteen or twenty strokes, pull the patch off of the brush, and do it again. The J-B® coated patches will look like they’re covered with thin, black grease. This is normal. Finally, after two or three patches have been run through the bore, clean out any J-B® residue with the solvent on patches, and then dry patch the bore. If there is still fouling visible, repeat the process until the bore is clean.

Brownells also carries a number of other cleaning solvents that can be shipped to APO/FPO addresses including: MPro7™ Gun Cleaner, our own d’Solve™ Gun Cleaner, and a number of products from Sports Care™ including their Copper Cleaning Gel and Firearm Cleaning Gel.

When it comes to keeping your weapons operating smoothly try Brownells new Powdered Graphite or Brownells Action Magic II®. Both of these products are dry lubricants that won’t attract water, dust, sand or contaminants. We’ve heard from a number of the soldiers in the field that these products work great and won’t collect sand in those critical moving parts.