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Benelli M4 Stock Removal Advisory

For customers and dealers who may not be aware, the stock on a Benelli M4 comes off the gun in a different way than a standard shotgun. Most standard shotguns have a stock retainer nut behind their recoil pads that is removed and then the stock is pulled off. This is not the case with the M4. If what looks like the stock retainer nut is removed on a M4, the internal mechanism in the stock will break, and the stock will fall off the gun and is NOT repairable. The following is the proper procedure for M4 Stock removal:

  1. The trigger pin needs to be pushed out from the small flush side, towards the larger exposed side, the pin will not come out all the way, but will slide out about ¾’s the width of the receiver.
  2. Once the trigger pin is pushed out, pull the trigger group out of the bottom of the gun, pulling away from the receiver and towards the front of the gun. Remove all the way.
  3. The stock is then free to be unscrewed from the back of the receiver in one piece. The forend can be held in the left hand, and the stock knocked hard with the right hand in a counter clockwise way to loosen it. It will then unscrew from the back of the receiver in one piece.
  4. Replacement is the reverse of removal.

If a dealer or a customer tries to remove the stock retaining nut from the inside of the original stock, they WILL break it and the stock cannot be fixed, and a new stock has to be ordered. Please advise all dealers and customers of this issue.

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