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Acraglas Gel Tips

If the resin seems to be crystallized or sugared, it is because of the high purity of the resin.  The more pure it is, the more likely it can start to crystallize. So  if you have this problem, remove the lid and remove the inner seal, if there is one, and then place the lid back on loosely and don’t screw it on.  Place in a microwave and nuke on high for 10 seconds.  Take it out and give it a little stir, and then place back in for another 10 seconds, and remove and stir again.  The most you should need to go is 3 times, mixing between each time and the resin will be soft and creamy with the consistency of Vaseline and ready to use.   Allow to cool, then use.  Do not mix the resin and hardener while it is warm.