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Remove Nasty Out Your 6.5 Grendel Chamber

We've all seen chamber brushes for your standard 5.56 NATO chamber, but what about some of the less-common calibers on the market? Those chambers get dirty, too! For owners of 6.5 Grendel AR-15s, the IOSSO 6.5 Grendel Chamber Brush gets fouling and other nasty residue out from the chamber of your gun.

Each IOSSO 6.5 Grendel Chamber Brush is made from stiff, blue fiber, which is designed to hold its shape as it scrubs the interior of your rifle's chamber. This provides better scrubbing power than brass or bronze cleaning brushes, since those deform and lose shape over time. Each kit ships with two bore brushes, and the company recommends using its IOSSO Bore Cleaner and Triple Action Oil in conjunction with the brush.

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