Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

By LeeRoy Wisner ... Over 2901 Dimensioned Drawings Covering147 Guns From 36 Manufacturers

You know, it doesn’t seem possible that you’d ever be called upon to make even one firing pin spring guide for something like a 1909 Bayard, but if you don’t make a drawing of that first one, it’s virtually guaranteed that another one will come in - and if you’d just made that sketch, you’d have a place to start from for the second one. Well, LeeRoy’s been doing just that. For more than thirty years, he’s been making drawings of many of the internal parts in the guns that came across his bench. These parts aren’t on the factory’s shelf, or anyone else’s for that matter; the only place you’ll find them is in this tremendous volume. And, you don’t have to put in thirty years fixing guns and making drawings before you can start making parts, and profits, LeeRoy’s done all that for you. All you have to do is buy The Handbook... and start with the drawings LeeRoy provides you!

This is truly one of the most useful tools you’ll ever buy for your shop. To help you put the book to work, there are two special chapters. Chapter One gives you a good, solid, basic course in steel selection and heat treating, complete with how-to instructions. Chapter Two covers, step-by-step, making a part using one of the drawings, with photos showing the part at various stages of construction.

As an added bonus, The Handbook... helps you take advantage of those bargain boxes of assorted parts you find at gun shows or sales. A little time spent flipping pages with a part in-hand can put a name on some of that unidentified “junk”, and turn it into real dollars for you.

The drawings are printed on heavy, 60 lb., 8" x 11" stock to make them very durable. And, the pages are punched with oversize holes to make it easy to turn them, without tearing.

This is a working book and is furnished loose-leaf. That lets you take out just the page you need for the part you’re building, instead of lugging the whole book around the shop. And, LeeRoy is going to keep on making drawings. As he does, we’ll make sets of these Updates available periodically; you’ll be able to add the new pages to The Handbook... precisely where they belong.

We’re offering this Page-Pak Edition since we know that some of you may already have a collection of 3-ring binders lying around. You get all 488 pages of valuable information, the divider tabs and the reinforced end sheets; what’s missing is the Deluxe, D-ring binder.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:375


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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.