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Smooth, Even Trigger Pull, Precise Letoff; Easy Installation

Easy-to-fit replacement for factory trigger is fully adjustable for engagement and overtravel, and is available with pull weight as light as 3.5 lbs. Redesigned sear geometry and advanced metallurgy result in a precision-ground sear edge that delivers a precise, consistent letoff and prevents the kind of wear that causes doubling and other problems. Extremely short reset enables fast follow-up shots, a critical advantage on tactical and competition rifles. Machined to exceptionally tight tolerances from hardened steel, and installs in minutes with no permanent alterations to the rifle. Lets you upgrade an AR-15 or an AR-style .308 rifle that uses an AR-15 trigger, while keeping your current hammer and pins. Disconnector spring, engagement screw, and overtravel screw are already installed; also includes disconnector, trigger return spring, hammer spring, and .050" hex key. Use with J.P. Enterprises Speed Hammer (available separately) for best performance. Comes with a standard weight hammer spring, for a trigger pull of between 3 and 3.5 lbs.—perfect for competition and recreational shooting—plus a “tactical” spring that gives a 3.5 to 4 lb. for applications demanding a high level of ignition reliability, including police/military use, mil-spec ammunition with hard primers, and in AR-style .308 rifles. JPFC-1 fits rifles with standard .154" diameter trigger/hammer pin holes.

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SPECS: Steel, Parkerized finish. Models for rifles with either .154" (military and current aftermarket) or .169" (current Colt) diameter trigger pins. Measure your pins and select the correct kit. Includes complete instructions and a CD-ROM with 35-minute video showing step-by-step installation.


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