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Lightweight Free-Float Handguard Is Comfortable To Handle & Gas Piston Compatible

The Gen III Delta free-float forend has a triangular cross-section that makes it more comfortable to grasp than many conventional 4-rail handguards, with a flat bottom that’s ideal for shooting from a rest or sandbags. The Delta has the same carbon fiber construction as the standard Gen III to keep the weight down without sacrificing strength. Extra clearance inside, at the top, makes it compatible with most gas piston systems and conversions. An 8½" top rail plus three user-configurable 3½" rails side and bottom rails give plenty of room for mounting a bipod, light, and other accessories. Kit includes the forearm, barrel nut, bolt-on accessory rails, and complete installation instructions.

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SPECS: Tube – Carbon fiber, black finish. 12½” long, 2-1⁄8” wide, 2¼” high. Barrel Nut – Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. AR15/M16 fits standard mil-spec upper receiver. 16 oz. wt. AR-308 fits DPMS LR-308 and clones based on it. 1.2 lbs. wt .Fits older LR-308 Panther “High Profile” uppers for sight regulation.


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Color: Black

Length: 12

Material: Carbon Fiber

Style: Free Float, Rifle, Tactical