Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


  • The PSC-11 includes the standard AR-15/M16 charging handle along with the JP side charging handle
  • Includes ejection port cover and hardware
  • Forward assist and hardware
  • Available with the JP full mass bolt carrier
  • Includes JP enhanced bolt group (including bolt, cam pin, firing pin and firing pin retaining pin)
  • JP enhanced bolt is precision machined from SAE9310 nickel chromium molybdenum steel
  • Locking lugs are meticulously radiused on all 90 degree corners of the locking lugs
  • Side charging handle can be removed for cleaning
  • Side charging handle engages the bolt carrier on the front side, opposite the extractor
  • Full mass carrier has increased bearing surfaces and is also constructed of 416 stainless steel, with a polished black QPQ finish
  • Full mass carrier functions with the forward assist
  • AR-15, semi-auto configuration
  • Upper receiver is machined from billet aluminum
  • The PSC-11 is compatible with any lower receiver that will accept a standard mil-spec upper


  • PSC-11 dual charging upper receiver retains the traditional top charging handle, while including the JP side charge system
  • Side charging handle is much easier to operate when using optics, and can be especially useful when holding the rifle at the ready
  • Cheekweld does not have to be lost when charging the rifle
  • Precision machined components ensure smooth cycling and charging
  • Included JP full mass bolt carrier groups make this upper ready for a custom build
  • JP enhanced bolt will ensure the highest reliability and a service life of up to 60,000 rounds

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Big Book Catalog, Issue:71, Page:005


Discontinued by the Factory

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.